Everyone grows at their own rate.

In puberty, you can have growth spurts and grow several inches in a short time. These spurts might give you sore, achy muscles (growing pains). You might also feel clumsy while you get used to your new size. You might suddenly find that you're a head taller or shorter than a friend who's the same age as you!

You will also gain some weight.

This is healthy and is just part of becoming an adult. Boys' shoulders and chest will broaden. Girls will develop breasts, broader hips or butt and may get a layer of belly fat.


Both boys' and girls' voices will get deeper. This change will be greater in boys. As a boy's voice box (larynx) grows his voice can suddenly go from high to low or from low to high. This cracking can be a bit embarrassing sometimes. In time it will stop happening.


The information contained in this section of the site is from the booklet Growing Up Okay! 
Reprinted with permission from Healthy Child Manitoba Office, 2013.