Our Sexuality

Sexuality is about how people experience themselves as sexual beings in thoughts, feelings and behaviour. SERC encourages the sex positive approach that all people should be able to enjoy their sexuality. 

There are many factors that impact our sexuality – biology, relationships, sexual experiences, sexual orientation, gender identity, social norms, attitudes and communication. The thoughts and feelings we have about all these aspects of sexuality can be affected by the family and culture in which we grew up as well as our own personal world view.  

Our sexuality is an ever-changing phenomenon of our lives – from birth to death. Cultural expectations and laws affect what we learn and think. They can serve to promote or undermine feelings of self worth, dignity, health and well-being.

Some aspects of sexuality are related to human rights; these are often called sexual rights. Along with rights to sexual safety and satisfaction,  people have responsibilities regarding their sexuality – for example, making sure their partner voluntarily agrees to what is happening sexually.

Some Aspects of Sexuality that are Good for You

  • You are able to make your own decisions about becoming sexually active in a relationship and have those decisions accepted.
  • Each partner in the relationship listens to and respects the feelings and beliefs of the other person.
  • You are able to make your own choices and don’t feel pressured into participating in sexual activities that cause guilty or uncomfortable feelings.
  • Sexual experiences are not used to manipulate, threaten, or punish the other person.
  • You have accurate information about your body and how it works. You know where to go for sexual and reproductive health information and services.
  • You and your partner share in the decisions and actions regarding birth control and safer sex.
  • You are able to enjoy and feel in control of your sexuality.

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