Male Sexuality

Men come in all different body shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and sometimes with varying genitalia.  We also know that our sense of being male or our ‘masculinity’ can be expressed in a variety of ways.

Our sexuality as men covers not only our sexual activities – and the partner or partners of our choice for those activities – it also includes our sexual identity, our sexual health, our sexual expression and individual choices.

Sexual Activity & Attraction

In terms of our sexual activity and who we find attractive (also called ‘our attractions’), we understand that some men are attracted to the other or opposite gender; some men are attracted to people of the same gender; some men are attracted to people of both genders, and some men aren’t attracted to any gender.

This range can seem scary to some. Yet, it is a healthy, natural and normal part of the human male experience.

Sexuality is a Human Right

Some cultures or communities are more open to this diversity than others. So it is important to remember that in Canada, all people's sexual rights are protected under the law, no matter their gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, or sexual attractions.

At SERC we know that the foundation of being a man is being strong enough to accept who you are, and then working to create a meaningful life and meaningful relationships, no matter the gender of the people you love or are attracted to.

It is equally important to know that it is your right to gain access to the information you need, in a way that supports your sexuality, while allowing you to make informed decisions about your sexuality, sexual activities and your sexual health.

Male Sexuality Around the World

Much of male culture around the world have the idea that ‘manhood’ is defined as ‘toughness.’ In this context, it can be confusing to figure out exactly what sex and sexuality really mean.

Differences in personality, identity, body type, sexual desire, sexual orientation, beliefs and feelings are part of the complexity of sexuality. Without support to acknowledge and understand individual thoughts and feelings, sexuality can end up being more of a competition than a chance to be 'your own man’ and do what you know is right for you. In the document, Who We Really Are, young men from around the world share their thoughts about this.

Globally, men lack information about their bodies and the health issues affecting their lives. Cultural messages about ‘toughness’ often influence men’s willingness to access sexual health information and services. In North America, media and the pharmaceutical industry control information, influencing a man’s ability to make an informed choice.

This section contains information about some of the more common concerns that men have about their sexuality and sexual relationships. Accurate information can help you make informed decisions about your sexual health. Check out the Suggested Resources if you're interested in learning more.