Pregnancy Options

There are three legal pregnancy options in Canada: adoption, abortion and parenting.

  • You may be an individual (or couple) that is trying to, or hopes to, become pregnant, and who needs more information on pregnancy planning and fertility.
  • You may find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy, and are exploring the options of abortion, adoption, or parenting.
  • You may be an individual (or part of a couple) that is worried about becoming pregnant now (or in the future) and want more information to help you make the right birth control decision for your life and your health.

How does pregnancy happen?

Pregnancy can happen when a sperm cell and an egg cell meet. This can happen because of penis and vagina intercourse when no birth control method is used. It can also happen through causing the cells to meet through insemination when a pregnancy is planned but will not occur through penis and vagina intercourse.

No birth control method is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. However, physically capable individuals may still have challenges becoming pregnant.

Responsibility and risk

You've heard the expression 'it takes two?' No matter your age in life, if you are physically mature and capable of making the choice to have sex with a partner, then you are equally responsible for considering (and if desired, preventing) your risk of pregnancy or STIs.

If you do not wish to become pregnant and you are having sex that may lead to pregnancy, it is important that you discuss your feelings and wishes with your partners.You can prevent an unplanned pregnancy by using at least one form of birth control; and using condoms or other safer sex practices for preventing sexually transmitted infections.

Decisions to make

You have the right to decide whether or not you:

  • wish to prevent a pregnancy, or to become pregnant, and how
  • want to end or continue a pregnancy
  • use (or prefer) a certain method of birth control

Where can I get more information?

Women's Health Clinic provides pregnancy options counselling and abortion resources.