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On-Site Resource Library

SERC holds a lot of no-cost resources at our on-site library, including safer sex supplies, fact sheets, brochures and other information you can take home. You are welcome to drop by anytime during our regular office hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Please note, however, that our work often takes us outside the community, so if you want to ensure access please call us beforehand at (204) 982-7800 to make an appointment.

SERC Lending Library

We maintain a collection of books, journals, and teaching aids related to numerous aspects of sexual and reproductive health. These resources are available to the public for loan and are useful for teachers, nurses, social workers, students, parents, youth and children.

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Resources you can order

Printed Resources

SERC has produced many resources you can order for distribution through your organization. For more information please call us at 204-982-7800 or send us and e-mail inquiry. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We reserve the right to limit quantities. Out-of-province orders are restricted to one copy of free resources.


Deluxe Birth Control Teaching Kit

useful resource for teachers, public health nurses and sexual health educators.

Price: $220.00
Cash, cheque or money order

Each Deluxe Birth Control Kit contains:

  • diaphragm
  • IUD or IUS
  • contraceptive patch
  • vaginal ring
  • Depo Provera vial or syringe
  • pregnancy testing strip
  • plastic speculum

  • lubricant

  • oral contraceptive pills

  • contraceptive sponge

  • vaginal contraceptive film

  • vaginal contraceptive foam
  • male condoms

  • female/internal condom

  • wooden penis model

  • gestational wheel

  • latex dental dam
  • copy of Sex Sense: Canadian Contraceptive Guide

Replacement Package
If some of the items in your kit become worn or lost over time, we offer a replacement package
which costs $35.00 and contains the following items: 4 male condoms, 2 female condoms,
2 latex dental dams, 1 contraceptive sponge, 5 packages of lubricant, 2 vaginal contraceptive films
and 1 vaginal contraceptive foam.