Research and Evaluation Support

Evaluation Support

SERC receives regular inquiries on program evaluation, and may be able to assist depending on the project and our capacity. We are also partners of the Annual Summer Institute on Evaluation, which aims at building evaluation capacity among community organizations and university students.

Research Support

SERC supports many other research projects through collaboration as equal partners, members of Advisory Committees, or consultants. We are interested in supporting or collaborating on projects that align with our mission, beliefs, strategic plan, and guiding principles.

If you need support for your research please consider the following items:

  1. Is your research consistent with SERC’s guiding principles?
  2. Does your proposed research project meet accepted ethical standards and align with our Ethics Research Policy?
  3. Will your proposed research address the needs of our stakeholders (i.e., communities we serve, clients, policy makers and agency partners), and will it benefit them in practical ways?
  4. Will your proposed research involve community members in the research process in meaningful ways?
  5. Will your proposed research build capacity among staff, community members and community-based organizations to address issues related to sexuality and sexual health?
  6. If your proposed research includes the participation of community members, will you ensure that they receive adequate care and support upon participating in the study?
  7. Will you ensure that research findings reach SERC staff and research participants in language that is clear and accessible?

Please contact us if you are interested in exploring options for collaboration or support.

Current Participation in Research and Evaluation Committees

Annual Summer Institute on Evaluation

REACH CBR Collaborative Centre in HIV/AIDS