Current Research Projects

African Immigrant Women Living with HIV: An Examination of Care and Supports

This project explores the experiences of care and support among a group of positive African immigrant women living in Winnipeg. This is a community-initiated project of a group of women in collaboration with SERC. The project is also supported by faculty from the University of Manitoba. We received a dissemination grant from CIHR to ensure wide and appropriate dissemination of our findings. We anticipate to release finding in early 2016.

What Risk? Whose Voices? An Intervention of "Risk" of HIV/AIDS Through a Participatory Ethnographic Project with African Immigrant and Refugee Youth in Winnipeg, Canada

This three-year CIHR (2014-2017) funded project is a collaboration with the University of Manitoba (Dr. Frohlick, PI), and other community organizations (SERC, IRCOM and Spence Neighborhood Association). This proposed project examines how youth immigrants from African countries in the inner city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, understand HIV as a risk that pertains to them and their lives. The research will explore a hypothesis that for this particular group their uptake of HIV messaging is shaped and in some ways impeded by the ways that HIV risk in various discourses is linked to African countries and African people. The project builds on previous research. For more information visit African Youth Talk Sex.