Culture, Adaptation, Intergenerational Communication & Sexuality in Immigrant & Refugee Communities

Our Families Can Talk About Anything: Culture, Adaptation, Intergenerational Communication and Sexuality in Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Since its inception in 2001, this ongoing project has been a core piece of SERC’s work with newcomer parents, couples and youth.  Main activities include in-depth educational workshop series with newcomers about adaptation, acculturation, intergenerational communication and sexuality. In most years we offer service provider training. 

Activities and Evaluation Reports





Other Reports

In collaboration with Accueil Francophone, and the school of Social Work, Université de St-Boniface, we conducted exploratory assessment with newcomer francophone communities.

In November 2011, SERC hosted a meeting of service providers and newcomer youth leaders to discuss trends, issues, gaps and needs among service providers in providing sexuality education and information to the youth they serve. This report summarizes the discussion and recommendations put forward by round table participants.

Handouts in English and Translations

(for use by Service Providers, Newcomer Parents/Community Leaders, etc.)

SERC runs in-depth workshop series for newcomer parents and for newcomer partners. We have translated many of our most popular educational handouts into several languages.

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(for Service Providers and Community Leaders and Organizers)

Revised in 2008, this manual is based on SERC’s in-depth workshop series for newcomer parents. Included are a range of workshops on various topics (for example, cross cultural issues, sexuality and culture, sexual development, communication in families). The manual includes facilitators’ notes and background information, exercises and handouts.