Immigrants & Refugees Services

Access to Health Information is a Right

Sexual and reproductive health is an essential aspect of the overall health and well-being of an individual. It follows then, that the right to access sexual and reproductive health services and information is a basic human right.  For example, access to birth control methods is your right.  And, all pregnancy options (parenting, adoption, and abortion) are legal in Canada.

SERC has over 30 years of experience working with immigrant and refugee populations, and is a pioneer organization in the development of immigrant and refugee sexual health programming in Canada.

Founded upon a community development approach, we are able to address many of the barriers and issues faced by immigrants/refugees in accessing reproductive and sexual health information and services, by providing programming that is both culturally and linguistically appropriate.


SERC Offers:

  • Community education on sexuality and reproductive health issues, family planning, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, family communication about sexuality, sexual development of children, and sexuality education taught in schools
  • Orientation and access to sexual and reproductive health services and information
  • Translation and development of a wide range of health education resources
  • Referral to other services and service providers
  • Consultation and cultural competency training for service providers in areas of immigrant/refugee health issues, as well as in sexuality-related topics.

Obtaining Newcomer Resources

Many of SERC’s online and in-branch resources have been developed for use in sexuality related programming with people who are learning English as an additional language.  Many of our plain language English resources are also available in other languages. 

Please see below for resources for immigrants and refugees.

Contact us if you would like to:

  • Discuss training for Community Leaders or Service Providers
  • Book an educational workshop for your Community or Group
  • Learn more about our First Language Resources
  • Be connected to other Newcomer supports and agencies in the community


Resources (Downloads)

STI fact sheet

Basic STI information translated into various languages. 

Amharic, Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Dinka, English, Farsi, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese.

Over 40 Loving Safely

HIV prevention message for women over 40 and older translated into these languages: Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Vietnamese.

Download this report

Staying Healthy in Canada

Basic HIV information for newcomers in Canada translated into various languages.

Women Taking Care of Ourselves

This booklet contains facts and information on HIV and Women in the format of questions and answers in various languages. 

Keeping Your Body Healthy

This booklet contains information on reproductive tract infections and HIV for men and women in the following languages: Amharic, Arabic, English, French, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrigna. An easy to read male and female reproductive tract diagram also included at the back of this booklet.

Download this pamphlet

“Our Families Can Talk About Anything” Project for Newcomer Parents

Fact sheets for newcomer parents on a variety of topics on parenting and communication skills. These fact sheets provide basic information on raising children in a new culture, parenting styles, listening and communication skills, cultural adaptation, laws in Canada, and sharing values with children, translated into Arabic, French, Swahili and Tigrinya.