White Wolf Speaking

The White Wolf Speaking initiative delivers culturally-based sexual and reproductive health education and services to Indigenous youth, adults, and families. White Wolf Speaking is a collaboration between Ka Ni Kanichihk and the Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC) of Manitoba, in solidarity with resurging Indigenous models of reproductive justice.

Interactive workshops and presentations are offered on various topics by contacting Co-Coordinators Laverne Gervais, lgervais@kanikanichihk.ca and/or Shauna Fontaine, sfontaine@kanikanichihk.ca. Some examples of workshops include:

Introduction to Sexuality
Using a sex positive approach participants explore the diversity and complexity of Human sexuality; the goal is to increase participant comfort on the topic of sexuality.

Sex, Gender & Orientation
Using a sex positive approach, topics include human sexual development, sexual diversity including an introduction to Two Spirit and colonization. We explore themes such as heteronormativity and sex positivity.

Decolonizing & Anti-Oppression
Using the wheel of oppression as a framework, participants develop an understanding of the historical, legal, and social context of oppression; understanding and exploration of colonization as a tactic of oppression; and the ongoing role it plays in our lives; all while building connections and safety amongst training participants.

Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault
Participants develop an understanding of what is classified as Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault, root causations, impacts of sexualized violence, resources and services available to aid in healing. Participants are provided with information on Ka Ni Kanichihk's Heart Medicine Lodge program which provides culturally-based support and advocacy services for Indigenous women who have experienced sexual assault and sexual violence.

Birth Control
The who, what, when and how of Birth control: The different options available for different genders, how they work and how to obtain them. This presentation takes a reproductive justice approach with the goal to increase participant's awareness of options and resources that are available to assist them in their life planning.

STIs & HIV: Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections
This is a prevention based presentation that will educate on some of the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections currently present in our community, including Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV and Hep C. This presentation includes an introduction for living healthy with and/or treating STIs and decreasing stigma.

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Read SERC's Statement on Reconciliation here.